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Variously colored flowers of Meconopsis

Blue poppies and their relatives are called by a generic name of Meconopsis in botany. Until now more than 60 species of Meconopsis have been known to distribute within Sino-Himalaya, a floristically rich region covering Hengduan Mountains in the southwestern China and the Himalayas. Meconopsis has diversified its species in this region with showy flowers colored not only in blue, violet, mauve or purple with a various degree of density, but also in yellow, sulfur-yellow, milky-yellow, pure white, pink, magenta, red, wine-red, dark-red, or rarely chocolate.


Visitors can enter the photogallery by clicking Group 1-9 colored in blue at the left column or the page of Meconopsis Index, where almost all the species of Meconopsis presently known are alphabetically listed and assorted into the 9 groups. FlashPlayer is necessary to see the slideshow of photos.


*Note: Meconopsis cambrica growing widely in the western Europe was said to be a single species of Meconopsis distributing out of Sino-Himalaya. The M. cambrica, however, differs distinctly from the other Sino-Himalayan species of the genus in some features, so that many botanists now consider it should be removed to another genus, although it was first described by Linnè with a name of Papaver cambricum that was subsequently removed to the genus Meconopsis newly established by Viguier as a single species before discovering many species assigned to Meconopsis in the Sino-Himalaya.


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★High-vision movies of new species, Meconopsis bhutanica and M. balangensis, can be seen here.



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